Kaj Forney

Greetings! I am a human who enjoys pixel art, programming, and penguins.

Sometimes, I also make games.

This site displays a few of the things I've made or helped to make.


The Climb

[2021, Win/Mac/Linux]

The Climb is a small game I created in Unity, originally as part of my work in my GIMM 100 course. In the game, you control a robot who must escape by climbing on tetrominoes as they fall from above.

Later, I updated the game to add additional levels, as well as improved lighting using Unity's 2D Lighting system and the Universal Render Pipeline.

Last Minute

[2020, Win/Mac/Linux]

This is a tiny game I made for a community game jam in 2020. I primarily made it to work on learning the basics of the Godot Engine. Thus, it isn't the most polished game, but it's still one I enjoyed making.


Mr. Saitou

[2023, Win/Mac/Linux/Switch]

I assisted in a minor role with Mr. Saitou, a game created by Laura Shigihara (Morizora Studios). My role in the project primarily involved organizing a team of various testers and translators, as well as providing additional in-depth testing on multiple platforms. In addition, I created localized versions of the game's graphical assets for several languages, while maintaining their original visual style.


[2020, Win/Mac/Linux]

Megashigi is a game that I helped create using the Godot Engine, along with several friends, as a birthday gift. My portion of the project included the implementation of the game's playable, interactive credits sequence, as well as general level design, and subtitles for the game's boss rap sequence.